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Praise for Hollywood Hates Hitlerl!


"Here is fresh research on a fascinating period in Hollywood history, when Washington first clashed with movie studio chiefs who dared to question America’s isolationism. Yogerst has done his homework and provides a compelling narrative of events leading up to our involvement in World War II."


-LEONARD MALTIN, film critic/historian.

“Senator Nye's ‘investigation’ has been neglected and Chris Yogerst has made an absorbing tale out of it.”

- KEVIN BROWNLOW, film historian

“In 1941, mere months before Pearl Harbor, the US Senate charged Hollywood with the thought-and-image crime of producing anti-Nazi motion pictures. In Hollywood Hates Hitler!, the movie-minded cultural historian Chris Yogerst brings his sure authority and sharp insight to this fascinating and little-known political inquisition, staged in a congressional hearing room at a pivotal moment in American history. Yogerst provides an absorbing and illuminating account of the epochal face-off—and shows how the Washington senators, despite the home field advantage, were roundly trounced by the Hollywood moguls.”     


—THOMAS DOHERTY, professor of American studies, Brandeis University 


"With impressive research matched by rare illustrations, Chris Yogerst sheds light on a little known dark corner in U.S. film history, the 1941 congressional attack on Hollywood that was whipped up by isolationists, anti-Semites, Red-baiters and fascist sympathizers, with many nestled in the film colony itself.  The politics mirror America at large and foreshadow the Hollywood blacklist."


--PATRICK McGILLIGAN, co-author (with Paul Buhle),


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