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Praise for The Warner Brothers

Scott Eyman, biographer

The story of Harry, Jack, Sam and Albert Warner involves politics, idealism, empire building, superb filmmaking and, ultimately, fratricide. Chris Yogerst's marvelous book comprehensively narrates the story of a crucial component of Hollywood's empire.

Dana Stevens, film critic

In this multigenerational, multi-media tour of the twentieth century, Chris Yogerst takes on not just the interwoven biographies of four remarkable siblings—Harry the shrewd businessman, Albert the loyal workhorse, Sam the too-soon-departed visionary, and Jack the inveterate showman—but the story of a studio that has shaped the entertainment industry for nine decades and counting. No film-history shelf should be without this meticulously researched and vividly written book.

Wall Street Journal

Once upon a time, Warner Bros. was under the firm control of the eponymous brothers—Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack—whose commitment to making taut, timely and terrifically entertaining motion pictures is recounted in Chris Yogerst's The Warner Brothers. Yogerst... is attentive to the brothers' backgrounds, their business acumen and, above all, the very specific style they imposed on the movies made under their watch. Yogerst makes the Warners' role in early Hollywood history fresh and surprising.

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